Signs of Nature

SENTIR is a high quality Hijab scarves Portuguese brand created with fundamental values ​​and sustainable standards. Its mission is to inspire a life of connection and social responsibility.

The main challenge in creating this visual identity was to build a brand that reflects the name “Feel” capturing the essence of “feeling” the quality of the products, as well as the “feeling” of awareness in leading a socially responsible and sustainable life.

The starting elements for this construction came from awareness and sustainable practices in harmony with a more feminine and innocent women side.

The corporate identity was inspired by the gently undulating surfaces found in nature, referring to the movement and lightness of the “Sentir” hijab scarves.

The concept — feel the nature

Produced with high quality sustainable materials and practices, it is intended, from the communication of these scarves/hijab, to provide a sensorial journey that embraces the purity of nature’s shapes and textures.

The idea of ​​the word “Feel” is also expressed in the chosen textures. The earth, sand, nature, reflect even more the naturalness of the project, thus giving it an even more sensational side.

The choice of the color palette was based on the neutral tones of the hijab scarves, as well as the femininity side of the brand.

In addition to these characteristics, the Beige tone conveys naturalness and is associated with natural biodegradable fabrics. In turn, the pastel pink tone seeks the more feminine side, sweetness, romanticism.

– Featured at World Brand Design


  • Visual Identity / Logotype / Stationary / Packaging