Saca-me uma fresca

What is a brand that claims to be young and always keeps the same look? As the slang would say, a “wannabe” brand. We got the challenge do a rebranding, or better still, position a beer brand as a young irreverent brand, just like the beer “Sacarrabos” itself.

Whenever we are in the mood to relax or have a good time with our friends, what do we do? Exactly, we go out and grab a beer. To catch up with friends, to create new memories, or just to relax. It’s precisely on those occasions that we end up having the best night ever, strengthening the bond with our friends and making new memories worth remembering. We had the beer and the existing brand so we focused on giving it a new look.

For those who don’t quite know, Sacarrabos is a daring animal, fearless like most young people. On top of that this mongoose was formerly known as a crocodile egg hunter! (Yes it’s true). So we decided to make this rebrand bold and trendy, highlighting the rustic feel of craft beer, whist at the same time contemporary. This way we would be able to reach our target audience and keep up with current trends.

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  • Corporate Identity / Stationary / Content Development / Photography



  • - 2020 – Prémios Lusófonos da Criatividade – Bronze