Loja da Mamã

On the first steps

Loja da Mamã is a brand of clothing, accessories and decoration dedicated to future moms, mothers and babies, where the quality of their products and customer support service stand out for their quality and distinction.

The main challenge is to create an identity with a careful and affectionate record. The intention is to generate a bond of trust between the brand and the target audience in a sensitive and vulnerable period where, often, as pregnant women, they are mothers for the first time.

The main elements and references for the creation of this identity were the trust, love, empathy that the brand wants to offer, as well as the beginning of motherhood and as a necessity during the baby’s first phase.

The concept — in the first steps

Loja da Mamã seeks to accompany pregnant and conforming women after the baby is born.
Thus, we created a brand “in the first steps” to demonstrate that the brand will be present in this unique moment for the target, suggesting then – the Loja da Mamã will be present “in the first steps” of both the new mother and “in the first steps” make babies.

The chromatic choice is associated with the context of happiness and comfort.
Yellow, as the main color, on the Angola flag (country of origin of the brand), transports us to a smiling, happy world of growth and optimism. Beige reminds us of the maternal side (comfort and delicacy), while white is associated with purity and authenticity. As secondary colors we opted for lilac and salmon, both with different intensities. Lilac symbolizes magic, imagination and transformation, while salmon is a warmer color, which enhances the deeper and more sentimental side of the baby’s union with the mother.


  • Visual Identity / Logotype / Packaging