Since the beginning, Fruut has been a brand of healthy snacks that wants to surprise its consumers. This year, with its national growth and internationalization, the brand wanted to mark its position and differentiation with the launch of pocket snacks – the MIX.

The mixture of dehydrated apples and dried fruits is the brand’s bet to make our daily snacks more practical and healthy.

For this challenge we created the concept of “flavor explosion” as the basis for characterizing the new “mixes”. The mild acidity of the dehydrated apple cubes with dried fruits is represented throughout each of the packages. An Apple & Peanut explosion and an Apple, Almond & Coconut explosion.

The choice of a pastel palette characterizes the flavor and texture of the ingredients. Terracotta brown represents peanuts and blue is associated with a more tropical context, as it has coconut as an ingredient. The icons on the front of the packaging are arguments that defend the brand and allow quick sale to anyone looking for this type of products. This packaging, although small, was designed for Portugal but also for International markets such as Brazil, England, Spain, France, Germany, Holland and Dubai.

The final result is versatile as it covers the vast majority of Fruut consumers and can be inserted in the brand’s always fresh and creative communication.

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