Product Launch - Digital Campaign

Fruut has been known by its costumers as brand that often comes up with surprising launches. This year, the rise was exponential both nationally and internationally, as so the brand marked their differentiation launching a new line of pocket snacks – Fruut Mix.

The key product is dehydrated apple in pieces that is combined with a range of dried fruits. This combination is the key to encourage people to buy healthier and easier to carry around snacks.

2019 – Since 2018, we have been responsible for designing Fruut’s creative content, so for the launch of this new line we came up with the tagline “flavour explosion”. Fruut Mix line offers two different packs: Mix Apple, Coconut and Almond and Mix Apple and Peanut.

The pastel colour palette aims to represent well the flavour and texture of the ingredients.

The terracotta brown stands for peanuts and the blue is associated to tropical vibes, as it is the one with coconut. The icons at the front of the packaging are brand claims and allow people who specifically look for them to connect to the product right away. This packaging line was designed for the international market to be sold in countries such as: Brazil, England, Spain, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Dubai.

We believe this product suits most of Fruut’s consumers as more and more people look for healthy/ easy to carry snacks. In addition, this new line of products allowed us to experiment with creativity and once again establish the brand’s creative flare.

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