Discovery Routes

Discovery Routes creates tailor made trips for those looking for a unique and personalized travel experience, according to their tastes, desires and budget. It believes that traveling is the most honest way to grow and discover ourselves.


We created a visual identity inspired by the incredible landscapes and textures of some of the most common trips created by Discovery Routes. Inviting us to discover and feel the true essence of each trip.

The color palette is also inspired by the colors of the paths traveled on each trip. Earth and mountains take the form of brown, oceans and sky make blue and finally yellow, the best sunrise and sunset that we are always looking for. We also reinforced that intention in the logo, which, in addition to being a compass, indicates the sun, the mountains, the sea and the forest.

The signature “Tailor Made Travel” is based on the personal, unique and rewarding experience that Discovery Routes wants to provide its travelers.

The goal is to make Discovery Routes a reference company in the tourism market and above all, be a brand that is concerned with the needs and desires of each client, on each trip.

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  • Corporate Identity / Stationary / Merchandising / Content Development / Webdesign