CBR Boutique Hotel

Hästens Sleep Spa

CBR is a hotel owned by the group O Valor do Tempo and it is a partnership with the Swedish brand Hästens with over 30 years of history. We were challenged to create a visual identity whose concept merges the harmony of an absolutely restorative night’s sleep with the historical nature of Biblioteca Joanina, a baroque iconic library built in the 18th century in Coimbra city.

Being a boutique hotel, there are only a few rooms available, which makes the experience much more intimate and customized. At CBR, the priority is not only to rest, but more importantly, to sleep, restoring body and soul, to a very high level of comfort. Here, the mattress, the pillow and the surrounding environment are resources that take this “Sleep Spa” experience to another level.

If you’re wondering where the acronym comes from, CBR is, in fact, the acronym for Coimbra, the city. The hotel’s visual identity represented by a feather, which conveys the comfort and lightness of a good night’s sleep. This hotel “hides” secrets of Portuguese literature on each wall and details strongly inspired by the Biblioteca Joanina, which together with restful sleep, stimulate the mind and curiosity of those who stay overnight. The perfect harmony between body and mind.

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