Alive Gallery

Philosophical Trip to Brazil

Academia das Ciências de Lisboa asked us to work on the digital presence of Alexandre Rodrigues Ferreira’s trip to Brazil gallery – The trip, described as one of the most ambitious scientific investigations in Brazil, has a physical exhibition at the Maynense Museum of the Academy of Sciences of Lisbon.

We then created a living gallery that allows you to go back to 1783. This trip aimed to describe, collect, and bring back to Lisbon samples of utensils, plants and animals used by the local population.

The website allows you to access the findings that resulted from this culturally rich trip, where you can explore each element “up close”. Based on the textures, landscapes and meticulous illustrations, the website’s graphic concept invites us to enter an individual imaginary where this trip can be recreated and you can feel the fascination through every discovery.

– Honorable Mentioned at Awwwards


  • Animation / Webdesign / UX / UI / Digital Experience


  • Prémios Lusófonos da Criatividade - Silver
  • AWWWARDS - Honorable Mention